Stanley's mission since 1935 has been to provide quality food and great service in a casual friendly atmosphere. Whether you're here to dine, celebrate with friends or watch your favorite sporting event, we believe that our guests should feel at home when they are here, with the hopes that they will find their way back home again.


The building was built in the early 1920's but the first recorded liquor license was issued to Bill Patton in June of 1935, under the name of Bill's Place. In 1947 Stanley Minakowski move from Brown Town in Wilmington and bought the tavern and renamed it Stanley's Tavern. It very quickly became the meeting for all the locals and travelers passing by. It stayed a small local watering hole until 1972, when Bill Brooks bought the tavern, and began what ended up being several additions and renovation, doubling the size of the building while still keeping the local watering hole atmosphere.

Brooks sold in Aug of 1982 to a group of Doctors and local restauranteur Steve Torpey. This was the start of the transformation of Stanley's from a corner bar to what it is today, a casual sports themed restaurant serving over 4000 meals a week, along with banquets, takeout food and a liquor store.


Owner: Bill Patton / Name: Bill's

Owner: Stanley Minakowski / Name: Stanley's Tavern

Owner: Bill Brooks / Name: Stanley's Horse & Buggy Tavern

Owner: Stanley's Investment Group headed by Steve Torpey / Name: Stanley's Tavern